Every problem is a gift – without problems we would not grow.

Every problem is a gift – without problems we would not grow.Tony Robbins

Is a problem still a problem if you look at it from a different direction? Can you turn it upside down and get excited about a chance to try something new? Can you be glad for a chance to grow? Think Positive!

Is a problem still a problem if you look at it from a different perspective? Can you turn that problem upside down and get excited about a chance to try something new? Can you rejoice in the chance to grow? Can you Think Positive!

What does that mean?
Life isn’t easy. There are problems, or as I prefer, obstacles, challenges, and difficulties. Or if you prefer to stand cowering beneath them, you can call them PROBLEMS!

Our problems are an impetus to grow. Most of us don’t simply grow on our own, except in the areas where we have passion. But our ‘problems’ come from all different aspects of our lives.

In this way, we are forced to adapt, to grow, to change, in order to meet these new challenges. That takes some strength, and a willingness to face the issue and resolve it.

Without this need to act, what is the chance you would change or grow in that area? Probably not very likely, is it? Objects at rest prefer to remain at rest, as I recall.

Why is staying positive important?
Please understand that I’m not advocating that everyone put on a happy face and charge forward with nothing more than a positive attitude. That is the concept taken to the extreme. Few things work well at the extremes, they usually work best somewhere in the middle. Neither pessimistic nor starry-eyed, but simply positive.

Nearly everything can be looked at from many angles. Acknowledge the troubling parts, and address them, but focus on that which is positive. A divorce isn’t usually something positive, but if you learn from your trouble, it can be viewed as such, from a sufficient distance. Trust me on that one.

Conversely, one could use that same event as the reason that all is going wrong in the world. It could become an excuse for anything and everything. Which attitude provides the higher quality of life? Which helps you get through the day, and get more done? Which allows you to relax more completely at the end of the day?

Life is about choices and how we adapt. If we choose the route and attitude of pessimism, things won’t be as pleasant nor as fulfilling as if we are a bit more positive in our path and our attitude. But the choice is ours to make, and we can change it, if we so desire. I prefer positive. How about you?

Where can I apply this in my life?
As you might guess, it is my belief that our words have meaning, and a splinter isn’t really a problem, unless you have a bleeding problem or are allergic to the substance. It’s just an irritation. But if you call it a crippling injury often enough, you might start to believe it. That would be a shame.

If you keep telling yourself and others that you are afraid of your ‘problems,’ it will be hard to overcome them, just because of your attitude. Use a smaller word, and that part fades, and all you are left with is the issue. It may still be big, but it’s only as big as it is, not bigger, due to your imagination.

These issues give us reason to grow. Think of pearls, which start out as a problem for an oyster. Something gets inside the shell and is a problem to them. It covers it up, and keeps adding layers. Eventually that problem for the oyster is a great big pearl. Good things can come of even minor irritations.

We all have ‘problems,’ whether it is what to have for dinner (as in the cupboard is bare) or what to have for dinner (as in which restaurant to select). The question is how will you approach the issue you are facing? Does having some hope make it easier? I find that it does, which is why I try to keep a positive attitude.

What are some of the issues facing you at this time? What are some of the issues you have faced in the past? How did you fare, and how did your attitude help you or hinder you? Your past, of course, isn’t a guarantee of your future, but you can learn what worked and what didn’t, where you were overly positive, and where you were too pessimistic.

Can you remember a time when you were overly pessimistic? What happened? Did you lose an opportunity because you didn’t think you could, or that it wasn’t worth it? What could you have had? Did your pessimism make it seem harder to do than it actually was? I have found that to be the case far too often.

We will have ‘problems’ in our life. Issues will come up, and we will need to address them. Our attitude and our willingness to do what it takes is crucial to being successful in resolving the issue. Sometimes the best we can do is accommodate the situation, but even that is a solution of sorts.

Expect problems to occur. Things will go wrong. That is how life works. Will you dread these occurences, or will you look at them as an opportunity to try something new, and expand you abilities? You will grow. It is just a matter of whether you grow more capable or grow more pessimistic. Choose wisely.

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