I’m an engineer by schooling and nerd of some repute. I’m old enough to have dabbled with tubes, yet young enough to play with computers and smart phones.

As a recreational thinker, I decided to try to make some sense of all the twitter quotes that are zipping around, and so Philosiblog was born (which was shortened from “Philosophy, I blog”).

Come and join me on a journey of exploration and examination; of quotes and how they apply to our life in modern times.

Here at my blog, we will:

  • explore the philosophy of life, and how to apply it to your life
  • consider your thoughts and ideas about philosophy
  • explore why philosophy is still useful in the modern world
  • consider what is philosophy and how it can help to you
  • explore your life, as philosophy broadens your horizons
  • consider philosophy as an approach to life’s problems
  • explore great philosophy quotes of the past and of the present
  • consider saying “help me philosophy” when you don’t know where else to turn

Are you ready? Let’s go to my blog!

I am also on Facebook and G+ for those who prefer those sites.

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