In addition to modern education, there is a need to learn how to achieve inner peace.

In addition to modern education, there is a need to learn how to achieve inner peace.Dalai Lama

Meditation is one way to seek inner peace. What works for you?

Meditation is one way to seek inner peace. What works for you?

What does that mean?
There are not many people left in this world who would argue against a modern education for the children of the world.

Yet as many people as there are who call out for a modern education to be given to all the children, how many are as vocal for teaching the finding of inner peace? True, we won’t all find it the exact same way, but we will all seek it.

But how many adults know enough on the subject to even have found it for themselves? Of that few number, how many could relate how they have found inner peace?

The dearth [] of teachers does not mean the subject is unimportant. It simply points out that we don’t know what we don’t know. Yet.

Why is learning to achieve inner peace important?
While some of us enjoy being busy, there are times when we want to relax and find that calm place where we are at peace within ourselves. It doesn’t mean we have no troubles or that our life is perfect. It is simply a place where we can relax and recharge our batteries.

We all have times when such a refuge would be useful. But not all of us know how to get there. Being able to find inner peace is kind of like being able to take a brief vacation from your troubles. They don’t go away, but you get a chance to relax and emerge invigorated and ready to face your challenges anew.

But before reading this quote, had you ever really thought about how useful it would be if you had been taught such skills at a young age? How different would your life have been up to this point? Is this a skill better learned while young, or should you wait until later in life to learn?

Have you found a way to achieve inner peace, even if only briefly? Is it useful to know you have the option? Is it reassuring to have that refuge available? If you haven’t learned how, don’t you think you’d find it useful? How often would it be handy? Can you make your own case for its importance?

Where can I apply this in my life?
We all have had some form of education, or you would not be able to read this post, right? That said, not everyone had the same educational opportunities, not did everyone apply themselves equally. From where you stand now, do you appreciate your education? Have you supplemented it since then?

We each have our own opinion of which topics and subjects were useful and which of them were less so. I would also imagine that most of us also spent at least a little time educating ourselves in the years since then. For those still in school, do you plan on never learning again after you finish?

In short, most of us are life-long learners, even if we take breaks every now and then in our informal education. We also continue to seek inner peace throughout our lives, even if it isn’t in an official or formal manner. We might read books, try something we saw online, or try to imitate our friends.

We try things we hope will bring us happiness and peace. Yet many of us still seek it. Often we forget to actively seek it, as we are doing well enough for now. We only think about it when we need it right now. That’s a classic failure to plan, right? I hate it when I do that. How about you?

What does inner peace mean to you? Do you know? Have you considered it enough that you could recognize it if you were to find yourself there? I imagine you’ve managed to get there a time or two in your life. Do you remember how it felt? Do you remember how calm and serene it was?

Or did you get only partway there, and simply have your world change from a thunderstorm of bad news to just a sprinkle for a bit? However you may have experienced it, is it something you would find helpful to add to your tool box? I know it would help me, in several manners.

The question then becomes how would you learn? Who might be able to teach you these skills? Many religions have methods they recommend. There are also non-secular methods. How would you search for them? Do you know if you would benefit from an online class, or would you need to see a teacher face to face?

We humans are learning machines. We are programmed to learn throughout our life. If you think having inner peace available to you would be useful, the next step is to come up with a plan to get you from where you are, to where you want to be. What is the first step? Where can you turn for information?

Learning in general, and learning how to achieve inner peace in specific, is something you have to formulate for yourself. Do you think the result is worth the effort?

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