The moment you think it’s out of reach, it will be.

The moment you think it’s out of reach, it will be.Cornell Thomas

It's out of reach if you're going to walk. But what about in 20 years?

It’s out of reach if you’re going to walk. But what about in 20 years? Still out of reach?

What does that mean?
Pardon me for answering a question with another question, but when is anything truly out of reach? As long as you are trying, there is always a chance, right?

You might get lucky. It might fall into your lap or your hands. Someone might notice your struggle and decide to help you out. Fate, for once, might conspire to help you. Anything could happen.

But when you give up, what happens? You stop trying. You stop looking. The possibility isn’t even in your head anymore. What you desired could come over and sit in your lap and you might not even notice.

The basic point is that it isn’t over until you say it is over. You still have a chance, until you give up. And from that we can learn that we shouldn’t give up. As long as we are trying, there is hope.

Why is working important?
Yes, from time to time, something nice will happen for no apparent reason. It happens. However, it isn’t a prudent formula for success, right? You’re going to want to put in some effort and keep trying to make things happen until you have achieved what you desire. Because once you give up, it’s over.

Buy continuing to work at something, you will notice opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise see. You will be able to take advantage of circumstances of which you would otherwise be completely unaware. Even if you aren’t seeing any new opportunities with respect to your initial goal, you are still improving your skills and sharpening your reflexes.

You might come to find that the opportunity was always there, you just didn’t have the skills to spot it or to take advantage of the opportunity. If you’d quit, that would still be the case. But if you kept after it, you might find that you now have what it takes to turn your dreams or desires into reality.

Working on something, even if ultimately you are unable to accomplish your desired objective, you will have accomplished something. You may even inspire someone to do something they hadn’t thought to do before. Any of these outcomes is a good thing. Please consider these points the next time you consider whether you will work or give up.

Where can I apply this in my life?
This only applies to you if you give up on things from time to time. Not that I want to imply that everything is possible, it isn’t. If you’re trying to walk to the moon, eventually, you will realize that it has always been out of reach to the average pedestrian, right?

There will be other times when something has simply ceased being important. This is often noticed at major life events. Marriage, divorce, babies, near-death experiences, things like that. Suddenly you’ll change your mind about the importance of things, and you’ll quit working on it.

I have a project car that is still not done. It started out well, but then things changed when the kids arrived. My priorities changed, and the car moved down the scale, and was hardly given a second look. Now that they are older, it’s moving back up the scale, and some work on it is planned for this summer.

The point is that I never thought it was out of reach. Difficult, distant, diminished, yes. But never out of reach. The plans have changed, the final destination has moved a few times, but it will get done. Why? Because I never gave up, I never thought it was completely out of reach.

What in your life have you given up on, and no longer work towards? Perhaps it was a degree. Perhpas it was writing a book. Perhaps you started a blog and then quit working on it. Perhaps it was a change in diet or weight which you started, but gave up on, thinking you’d never get to your goal.

Think about those things, and any others you can recall. Are they still important, or are they now no longer part of your needs or desires? Before you cross them off your list of things to do eventually, ask yourself why you no longer consider them important. Make sure you don’t think they’re still out of reach, but that you really are done with them.

For those which are still left, consider why you thought they were out of reach at the time. Now consider what has changed since then. Do you have more free time? Do you have more money? Do you still have an interest? Can you make some time or free up some money? Can you improve your level of skill?

What was it that caused you to quit working and what can get you back to working on it? If you can answer that question, all that is left is to get started. What is holding you back?

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