Talent works, genius creates.

Talent works, genius creates.Robert Schumann

Michelangelo's David is so iconic, even a copy can be recognized by the shadow it casts. That is genius creating. What is your talent, and what is your genius?

Michelangelo’s David is so iconic, even a copy can be recognized by the shadow it casts. That is a genius, creating. What is your talent, and what is your genius?

What does that mean?
This quote is about the fine line between talent and genius, between being good and being great. It is more than just ability, it is also about application.

Ordinary things, extraordinarily executed, may be great, but not genius. To be genius, there has to be something more, something different, something creative.

Even a genius is worth very little if they do very little. Imagine what we would call Einstein today if all he had done was day-dream? A genius, just like the rest of us, has to do something, or they are not much of a genius.

While the quote diminishes talent, it is only in comparison to genius. Talent is very valuable, and even talent can create. But talent rarely innovates. When talent does that, they elevate themselves to the level of genius.

Why is applying oneself important?  
To me, this quote goes back to the difference between those who do and those who do not. Yes, a genius can do basic work. A genius can even to talented work. But until a genius decides to apply themselves to their work, it’s just work. The genius doesn’t shine through until they apply themselves.

The same can be said of the difference between those who have talent but don’t use it and those without talent. The result is the same, right? Yet if a person with talent applies themselves, the results are so much better than the results of someone who is simply doing, without talent.

In my experience, we have far too many people who have talent, even a few with genius, who simply do not apply themselves. Not only is that a waste of their talent or genius, but it is a loss for the whole world. The world loses because the talent or genius is never expressed.

Where would the art world be if Michelangelo had never made use of his genius? Can you imagine a world without the Statue of David? Worse yet, can you imagine the Sistine Chapel Ceiling having been done by someone who simply had talent, and was just doing the work?

Where can I apply this in my life?
That would largely depend on where you have talent and where you have genius. Note that I didn’t say ‘IF ‘ you had genius, but where. I firmly believe we all have it in us. It is simply a matter of finding it, developing it, and using it. Do you believe there is genius within you?

Imagine what the world would be like if each of us recognized our own inner genius? Of course to do anything of use we would have to then develop it and then use it, right? But what if we all could do that, what would the world be like? Where would you rather live, here or there?

I’m not sure how one would find their genius, other than to look for it among our talents, and see which of them brings out creativity. That said, let’s start looking at our talents. Let’s rule out ‘getting into trouble’ and all the other clichés, OK? I want to focus on that which really makes a difference.

For me, I have some talent in playing music, but not much in creating it from scratch, at least from what little I have tried. But I have a fair amount of talent working with my hands. Wood and metal bend to my will, with a modest amount of effort. Again, it is a talent, not my genius.

What things are you good at doing? Can you draw, mimicking the drawings of others? Can you draw a decent Mickey Mouse or some other well known character? That is a talent I never developed. What else can you do well? More importantly, how much time and effort have you spent developing it?

As you develop more and more of your talents, you may find that there is one at which you truly excel, and have a flair for creativity. That may well be your genius. As Michelangelo was a genius in painting, sculpture, and architecture, so you might have more than one. Seek it and develop it, then apply it.

Michael Jordan had a genius for playing basketball. The game changed when he played, and has never looked back. But he wasn’t always that good, it took time and effort to develop that genius, and then there were years and years of applying himself to get to that level.

What are you willing to do to take your genius to the next level? You will have to work hard, learn from your experiences, and apply them again and again. You will face tough times and criticism. Will you do it, or will you simply settle for being talented?

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