Genius is one of the many forms of insanity.

Genius is one of the many forms of insanity. – Cesare Lombroso

We all have the seeds of genius within ourselves. Will you water that seed, and help it grow?

We all have the seeds of genius within ourselves. Will you water that seed and help it grow?

What does that mean?
There are people with normal minds, and there are those who are not exactly normal. Most of us think of the people on one side of normal when we think of abnormal minds. But there are people on the other side of the spectrum as well. Who comes to mind when you think of either end of the spectrum?

Normal, whether it is describing minds or general statistics, is used to describe the stuff in the middle. Abnormal is everything outside the normal range. It’s not a pejorative, it’s just math.

People with the appellation of ‘genius’ often have anomalous behaviors or other things wrong in their minds. Some are flat out crazy, others simply have personality quirks, although there are plenty we would consider to be normal.

But no matter how you might classify their ability to function in society, they are not normal. And that’s a good thing. Insanity is largely in the eye of the beholder, and what is madness to one is perfectly logical to another. But genius is usually unmistakable.

Why is being unique important?  
We are all unique. No one is the same as anyone else. Even twins are a little different physically, and can be quite different emotionally and intellectually. Yes, most of us try to conform to the norm in most aspects of our lives, but we are also different enough to stand out, if we choose.

Genius is defined at as someone having “extraordinary intellectual and creative power” or having “a strong natural talent, aptitude, or inclination.” We are all good at something, even if we don’t know it, or have yet to fully develop it.

Each of these talents and abilities, aptitudes and inclinations, they all add up to make us unique. We all stand out for some reason or another. Yet so many of us try to hide our hints of genius, and our hints of insanity. And for many of us, they are one and the same.

Yes, being a little different can be embarrassing, especially if it is in an odd field or something others might consider goofy. Perhaps you don’t want to share your talent with the world just yet. But that doesn’t mean you have to ignore or abandon it. Just work on it in private until you have the confidence to spread your wings and fly.

Where can I apply this in my life?
Face it, none of us is exactly normal. Most of us are mostly normal, and consider ourselves to be normal. But we all have the seeds of our own greatness, our own personal genius waiting, buried deep within us. If only we seek them out and nurture them.

Many never water the seeds, and they never break ground, much less bloom. And the world is lesser for that lack of action. How sad is it, to let the seeds of greatness, the unique abilities, talents, skills or aptitudes we possess, die out before they get a chance to grow.

And how much poorer is the world for the lack of your skills? The genius Thomas Edison couldn’t pay attention in school, and had to be home-schooled by his mom. What if she hadn’t encouraged him, helped to water his seeds? Where would the world be today?

While the language of the youth is always changing, something that is ‘insane’ or ‘genius’ are usually quite good, and are used to describe both the very smart and the very talented. And I believe that applies to each and every one of us.

We all have talents, even if it seems as mundane as driving for forty years without an accident (not me, my mom). And that takes some serious talent. How difficult would it be for you to go that long without an accident or a ticket? With the way my luck runs, several lifetimes!

Take a moment and consider what you are good at doing. Even something as trivial as being unfailingly polite counts for something! And if you are not yet unfailing, perhaps you could be, with a little effort. With a talent like that, you could be a genius at dealing with people, right? Or is that crazy talk?

Which of your talents do you think you want to improve? It could be a seed you wish to help grow, or an established plant which you wish to help bloom, it doesn’t matter to me. But it should matter to you. Where is your genius? Where is your creativeness, your talent, your aptitude, or even your inclination towards greatness?

We all have some genius within us. We just have to set it free and help it grow. And some will say you are crazy. So what? We’re all a little bit insane. It goes with the territory.

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Happy birthday to Cesare Lombroso, father of modern criminology, born 6 Nov 1835.

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4 Responses to Genius is one of the many forms of insanity.

  1. doug 7 November 2013 at 4:53 pm #

    knowing those things you are great at and believing is good when all is not going well its often reassuring and comforting to remind yourself that there are things you excel at.

    • philosiblog 10 November 2013 at 1:19 am #

      I agree.

      Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment. I hope to hear from you again.

  2. charity aideyan 6 November 2013 at 8:09 am #

    i thank am mad 2.

    • philosiblog 9 November 2013 at 5:08 am #

      If by ‘mad’ you mean ‘insane’, then I’m right there with you. Crazy, yes. Genius, debatable. 8)

      Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment. Hope I hear from you again.

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